Winter is just around the corner, and every gardener should take steps to prepare for the harsh temperatures, frost and conditions. See the steps you need to take to cover your garden and prepare your plants for the winter. This will ensure your plants come back next year!

Lemon balm is my favorite herb for better sleep! This amazing plant deserves a place in your garden and herbal remedy arsenal. Click to find out more or pin to save for later. | lemon balm uses | garden | medicinal plants | sleep tea | herbal remedies | natural remedies |

MINIATURE IVY The most wonderful little miniature garden plant. A miniature vine with puckered little oak-like leaves on long woody/wiry stems. New leaves are often flushed with bronze. Can be trained to grow up a trellis or arbor to amazing effect! When grown along the soil as a groundcover, stems will root as they touch the ground. Likes to be kept evenly moist. Also good for terrariums. A miniature gardening favorite! Grow indoors with Indirect Bright Light

Instead of using commercial fertilizers and plant food, why not use some scraps from your kitchen that would otherwise end up in the trash or compost bin to amend and improve your garden soil naturally? Inexpensive and easy, these are my favorite ways to get my garden ready for spring planting. Eggshells, banana peels, Epsom salts, coffee grounds. Find out more at www.fresheggsdail…